Investigating identity theft!

If you run a business, it is important to know best option to keep your money and your personal data. Your identity is view by many people around the world through social media. People can easily take you identity to commit fraud, steal credit or other crimes. This is what we call identity thief.

Your personal identity use for identity theft are full name, telephone number, physical address, Email address, Social security number, password, computers, place and date of birth. There are many different type of identity theft such as medical identity theft, child identity theft, criminal identity theft, financial identity theft, and even identity cloning.

It is easy to keep safety your personal data. For investigating identity theft, you just have to follow these guideline:

· Use different password for different website.

· Shred your important documents before you throw them away.

· Stay up-to-date with your financial information

· Protect your computer with password

· Install antivirus and firewall software and up to date all your program.

· Keep safety your receipts, bills and important document of your account. They will be useful when you become victim of identity theft.

If you are victim of identity theft, look for an investigator theft identity. He will guide you to recover your personal data and help you to protect it from theft identity. You can find an investigator theft identity at your local police station.  You don’t even want someone to use your identity to book a table at a restaurant!